We Are In The Process Of Restoring Electricity Nationwide - TCN

Nigeria Electricity Distribution Station
Nigeria Electricity Distribution StationGetty Images

The Transmission company of Nigeria announced that labour unions inside the company have shut down the national grid.

This was reported in a press statement issued by Ndidi Mba, the company's General Manager of Corporate Affairs.

The Benin Area Control Centre was brought to zero as a result of the invasion and the acts of the invading Union members.

Other transmission substations that have been shut down by labour unions include Ganmo, Ayede, Olorunsogo, Akangba, and Osogbo.
Some transmission lines were also opened as a result of the labour union's ongoing activities.

The sudden forced load cuts led to high frequency and system instability, which eventually shut down the national grid at 2:19 am.

She said though the TCN has commenced grid recovery, using the Shiroro Substation to attempt to feed the transmission lines supplying bulk electricity prices to the Katampe ll Substation, but is currently facing challenges due to the obstruction of such moves by the labour unions nationwide.

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