Three Children Killed,Four Injured in Taraba Gun Accident – Police

State Police Commissioner David Iloyonomon denied rumours that the children lost their lives as a result of a dynamite explosion.
Dane Guns

The Didango Geita community in Karim Lamido Local Government Area of Taraba State went into mourning on Saturday after three children were killed in a firearms accident. Four other children suffered injuries in the tragic event.

In a statement made in Jalingo on Sunday, State Police Commissioner, David Iloyonomon, denied rumours that the children lost their lives as a result of a dynamite explosion. The police chief stated, "The three children that died were playing with a Dane gun on a tree, whose gunpowder later exploded and killed them."

According to him, four other children who were playing under the tree were injured with one receiving treatment at the state’s specialist hospital in Jalingo, the state capital.

"One Danjuma Audu informed the police that there was an explosion that resulted in the death of three young people and the injuries of four others.

"Upon receiving the information, we sent the Nigeria Police Force's anti-bomb team, which hurried to the location, performed a professional and comprehensive search, and determined that no exhibit connected to dynamite or IED was found at the scene. Instead, they recovered pallets from a Dane gun which was evident in the bodies of the casualties and suspected to be responsible for their deaths.

According to the Commissioner, the scene of the event has been cleared, and an investigation is ongoing to uncover further details. He identified the three dead children as two 11-year-olds and one 12-year-old, stating that the first named victim was the son of the man who reported the incident.

The police chief also identified the injured children as two seven- and two eight-year-olds. He added that some of the deceased were the grandchildren of Mr. Audu, the owner of the rice farm where children had gone to offer help.

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