TheWhistler Seeks Reporter’s Freedom from FCT Police custody

The Whistler demanded the immediate release of Ms. Aniagolu and an apology from the Nigeria Police Force leadership
Man in police custody
Man in police custody Google Photo

The management of The Whistler, an Abuja-based national newspaper, has demanded the release of its female reporter, Kasarachi Aniagolu, who was reportedly arrested in Wuse 4 by police operatives in the Federal Capital Territory on Wednesday. 

The newspaper expressed its demands in a statement provided to journalists in Abuja on Wednesday.

The reporter was allegedly forcefully taken into custody, along with over 95 forex traders in the Wuse Zone 4 area of the FCT, while monitoring a raid on Bureau de Change operators by an unidentified police unit in the FCT.

According to The Whistler, the journalist sent WhatsApp messages raising the alarm of her arrest at 1:17 pm. She was quoted as saying, "I have been arrested, and I am at the SARS headquarters (FCT Anti-violence Crime Unit). I was arrested for recording the raid on the Bureau de Change guys.

"Please, I need help; these people have dealt with me. Please let everyone know that they were picking up Bureau de Change operators, and I was about to video them.

"They hit my phone, and I picked it up. They confiscated my laptop, and they are parading me like a criminal gang. They hit me and broke my ID pouch. Told me I will be killed and nothing will happen."

The Whistler strongly condemned the "unlawful arrest, assault, and ongoing detention" of Aniagolu by the police. Despite identifying herself as a journalist, she was reportedly manhandled, threatened, and had her equipment confiscated.

The newspaper stated, "The physical assault and threats to her life are utterly unacceptable and a direct attack on independent journalism."

The Whistler demanded the immediate release of Ms. Aniagolu and an apology from the Nigeria Police Force leadership. They also called for a transparent investigation into her arrest, assault, and detention, with those responsible held accountable.

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