Security Agents kill 20 IPOB Fighters, Destroy 50 hideouts in Imo

The joint operation, which occurred on March 7, also led to the destruction of 50 camps belonging to the group.
Map of IMO state
Map of IMO stateGoogle photos

Security forces from various branches including the Armed Forces, Department of State Services, Nigeria Police Force, and Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps have engaged in operations resulting in the deaths of 20 fighters associated with the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in the Orsu Local Government Area of Imo State. 

The joint operation, which occurred on March 7, also led to the destruction of 50 camps belonging to the group. These camps included significant installations such as the IPOB's Supreme Headquarters, Command and Control Centre, and Military Council Headquarters. 

This marks the second operation in the same area within the month and the third within the state. Earlier incidents include a clash on March 5, where Nigerian Army and Navy personnel engaged in a gun battle with IPOB fighters in the Oguta Local Government Area, resulting in the deaths of five fighters. 

On March 2, troops encountered and neutralized an IPOB fighter in a fierce exchange, recovering various weapons and materials from their hideouts, including Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), vehicles, and ammunition.

Director of Defence Media Operations, Maj. Gen. Edward Buba, highlighted the challenges faced during the operations, including the concealment of hideouts with foliage to evade air surveillance and the presence of improvised devices and ditches along the camp axis. 

Despite these obstacles, security forces successfully cleared multiple hideouts and encountered resistance from the fighters, resulting in casualties on their side and the recovery of a significant cache of weapons and materials.

Buba also emphasized the discovery of shallow graves at the camps, suggesting involvement in ritual killings and idol worship. The recovered items are undergoing analysis for intelligence purposes, while operations continue to dislodge the terrorists from their strongholds.

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