S-East Group Advise Ndigbo to Support Tinubu’s Govt

Urges them not to engage in any nation wide protest.
President Tinubu
President Tinubugoogle photo

A group called South East Development Peace Initiative,SDPI, has urged Ndigbo to support the administration of President Bola Tinubu, instead of starting any form of nationwide protests.

According to the non-political and non-governmental group, the call has become imperative in view of the current socio-economic challenges in Nigeria and the attempts by outsiders and other interests to encourage the Igbos to join the bandwagon of protests over rising inflation, hunger and general hardship.

Meanwhile, the president of the group, Vitus Okechi, who emphasized why Ndigbo should back Bola Tinubu’s administration, said “Igbos have endured worse hunger, deprivations and neglect since the end of the civil war in 1970.

It is discouraging that the same people who were silent when the Igbos suffered such untold marginalization are the ones trying to convince our people to join the protests against the administration of President Tinubu. 

What have they done to lessen the pains of Ndigbo since the war?

What have they done to bring the South-East region at par with other zones in the number of component states? 

What have they done to address the disrepair of federal roads and other infrastructure in Igboland?

"Does it matter to them that the five states of the South-East zone account for only ninety-five local government areas whereas other regions have no less than one hundred councils each?”

A former commissioner and outgoing local government chairman in Enugu State, Okechi accepted that the Igbos' situation was the worst in Nigeria, but insisted that the Tinubu government needed the backing of Nigerians to get the country out of the hardship which did not start with the current administration.

Let’s be honest, things are difficult now. But the best way to get out of the challenge is to back Tinubu’s administration in its drive to make things better in the future. 

The government has rolled out some actions aimed at reducing the suffering of Nigerians.

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