Real Estate Company Empowers 350 Youths through Training

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Adozilion Homes and Realty, a property company in Lagos, has provided training in property business skills to 350 young individuals at the "Eklisia Realtors Conference" which took place in Lagos, for a week.

The CEO of Adozilion Homes and Realty, Dr. Adozi Simon, conveyed in a release that the purpose of the conference is to provide young real estate professionals with the necessary skills and resources to succeed in Nigeria's ever-changing property market.

Simon stated that Nigeria is facing a severe shortage of housing and countless people do not have suitable homes, and closing this shortfall demands creative approaches and collaborative efforts.

He described how Adozillion Homes and Realty put together the event with the aim of enabling and reshaping the skills of 350 budding entrepreneurs, providing them with the essential insights to succeed in the property business.

He further stated, "Our commitment lies in strengthening real estate agents and acknowledging outstanding achievements that drive the development and prosperity of the entire sector. For this reason, we have provided training and support to over 350 young individuals gathered here today."

He emphasized the importance of working together with the government to promote regulatory standards, ensure quality, foster openness, and uphold responsibility.

At the same time, Dr. Sam Egube, who serves as the Chairman of Adozillion Homes and Realty, recognized the issues related to the increasing price of property, the difficulty in obtaining financial support, and the lack of sufficient infrastructure within the nation.

He encouraged property agents to act with purpose and work together efficiently.

Dr. Egube expressed, "A person trapped in poverty is one who believes that solely accepting handouts is their escape from it. Make a deliberate effort to work alongside the government to promote regulation, quality, transparency, and accountability."

Also, a prominent speaker at the gathering, Dr. Niyi Adesanya, expressed concern over the increasing shortage of housing throughout the nation.

He said, "All Nigerians should have access to a home that guarantees safety, security, and respect. You should never seek assistance when you're among the wealthiest one percent. The nature of your discussions has the power to transform your existence."

"The conference hosted by Eklisia Realtors serves as evidence of the firm's commitment to enhancing the field of realty. It marks a significant step towards fostering a prosperous real estate market and achieving the goal of providing affordable and respectable homes for every Nigerian."

It can be recalled that last year, Adozilion Homes and Realty introduced the Monte Carlo City project, located in the Epe district of Lagos State.

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