Private Jet Owners to Lose License for Non-Compliance

The Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has issued a stern warning, stating that private jet owners engaged in commercial services without compliance may face the revocation of their licenses.
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During the recent presentation of his agency’s projects for 2024 in Lagos, the Acting Director-General of NCAA, Chris Najomo, disclosed this crucial information.

He stressed the importance of adhering to regulations in the aftermath of a November incident where a private jet, originating from the Federal Capital Territory, crash-landed near the Ibadan airport.

Following the mishap, the National Safety Investigation Bureau scrutinized the operator, Flints Aero Services Limited, asserting that the company had been granted a permit for a non-commercial flight. Director-General Najomo underscored the necessity for private jet operators to obtain a commercial license for conducting commercial or charter flights.

Elaborating on the regulatory framework, Najomo clarified that only individuals holding an Air Transport Licence and an airline operating permit, coupled with a valid air operator certificate, were authorized to engage in charter operations. The NCAA, he revealed, would intensify surveillance to identify private jets operating outside the scope of commercial aircraft.

Najomo outlined the forthcoming sting operations by the NCAA to ensure strict compliance, declaring that operators failing to obtain an Air Operator Certificate would be compelled to cease operations.

Additionally, he affirmed the agency's commitment to streamlining certification and licensing procedures, aiming to facilitate a more straightforward and business-friendly environment.

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