Police Parade Yoruba Nation Agitators In Ibadan

...promise to apprehend sponsors
The Yoruba nation agitators
The Yoruba nation agitatorsvanguard

The Oyo State police command is currently searching for the sponsors of Yoruba nation agitators who stormed the government secretariat in Ibadan on Saturday.

The agitators attacked the Oyo State House of Assembly complex located inside the secretariat and hoisted their flag there in a bid to take over the assembly.

Mr Adebola Hamzat, Commissioner of Police in Oyo State, displayed 21 of the arrested agitators before reporters in Ibadan on Monday. He stated that some of those detained had been providing the names of their sponsors, and that police had visited a number of locations in Oyo State where incriminating items were recovered.

Hamzat recounted that during the invasion, a member of the Amotekun Corps (the Southwest's security network) suffered injury and one of the agitators who resisted arrest was also injured in a gunfight with police.
He confirmed that authorities were unaware of any deaths during the event.

He further stated that the police responded and were joined by operatives from other security agencies, who suppressed the treason. The police commissioner also informed reporters that five pump-action semi-automatic rifles, two wooden double-barrel firearms, and other items were discovered from the agitators. Two jackets, 30 torch lights, 49 bells, five horse whips, seven walkie-talkies and accessories, four generators, 72 camouflage suits, and 405 live ammunition were also recovered.

Hamzat described the actions of the suspects as unlawful, unpatriotic, and a clear instance of treasonable felony and terrorism that must be handled with appropriate punishments through intentional prosecutions. He stressed that the police will stay steadfast in their efforts to safeguard lives and property.

Speaking with reporters, one of the suspects stated that he had no regrets about his actions and that they were not treasonable. He argued that the actions of the agitators were lawful and that those who sponsored them had documents proving that the UN and ECOWAS had recognized the existence of the Yoruba nation.

Another suspect said the agitators were promised employment and decent living conditions if the Yoruba nation became a reality. 

ammunition recovered from the agitators
ammunition recovered from the agitatorsvanguard
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