Police Disperse Protesters in Kano Over Appeal Court Judgment

Kano Police intervened to disperse defiant protesters in the ancient city amid tensions over a controversial Appeal Court judgment, following protests in Kofar DanAgundi.
Protesters in Kano
Protesters in KanoVanguardngr

Reports suggest that the source of tension stemmed from a Certified True Copy (CTC) of the Court of Appeal judgment related to the state governorship election. Notably, the CTC contradicts the judgment that was initially announced in court last Friday, causing confusion and unrest among the public.

The ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) downplayed concerns about the reported contradictions in the CTC. Prof. Abdulkareem Kana, the party’s National Legal Adviser, addressed these concerns during a news conference in Abuja on Wednesday.

He asserted that clerical errors are not uncommon in such documents, attempting to assuage the growing unease surrounding the conflicting judgments.

He said, “Those of us who are lawyers know that typographical errors often occur in certified true copies of court judgments.

“Ordinarily, this wouldn’t have been a confusion if it was probably not a political matter, because it will not be the first time such typographical mistakes will be seen in judgments and being lawyers we are used to a situation like this.

“All that should be done is to merely correct that mistake. The most important thing is the judgment that was read in open court,” said Kana.

Asked if the party has formally sought correction of the misleading portion of the judgment, Kana said as far as his office was concerned, he had not received the certified true copy of the judgment.

“But we will write and get a copy. If the copy that will be conveyed to us still contains this error, we will take steps eventually.

“What we will do, and we have done right now, is to write to demand for the CTC. If it is the one containing that error, which is being bandied around, we will now know what to do next.

“But, I will suggest that whoever may have received the CTC containing that error, if he was the appropriate person and entitled to a copy, would have taken the necessary steps.

“I will say that the court should have taken the necessary steps to make corrections,” he said of the CTC that caused the Kano protest.

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