Our Rice Kept Multiplying After We Gave Tithe From it —Cleric

Says the concept of tithing has been part of their lives since 1986, and it's a practice he has continued ever since.
Pastor Paul Enenche
Pastor Paul Enenche X (Formally Twitter)

Pastor Paul Enenche of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Abuja, recently stirred controversy when he noted that a bag of rice he had bought for his family started increasing after his wife gave out one-tenth of it as tithe.

The cleric noted that after giving out a portion of the rice as tithe, they commenced consuming the remaining, but it kept multiplying. He affirmed that the development inflicted fear on his wife, who gave out the remaining rice in the bag.

According to Pastor Enenche, “When my wife and I got married, she practiced tithing food by giving away a tenth of our groceries". He described an experience where a bag of rice appeared to never deplete, even after they continued to cook from it.

“She became scared at the end and gave out the remaining. ‘What kind of food is this that I would not finish’, she asked.”

The Senior Pastor of Dunamis added that he has practiced tithing, donating a tenth of his income, since his university days and intends to keep doing so.

He affirmed that, as a student, his monthly stipend was N30, and out of that, he often paid a tithe of N3.

Speaking further, Pastor Enenche clarified that his dedication to tithing wasn't driven by a desire to become a pastor but by a biblical principle he encountered.

"The concept of tithing has been part of our lives since 1986, even during my university days. Back then, my monthly allowance was just N30, but I still faithfully tithed N3. It's a practice I've continued ever since.

"Listen, I'm just sharing what I learned. Tithing wasn't about becoming a pastor; it was something I found in the Bible. Facts are facts; you can't argue with scripture,” Enenche uttered. 

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