Osun Police warns against Possible Hijack of Protest

To maintain law and order, the Command urged potential protestors to notify them in writing
Map of Osun Geographical Location
Map of Osun Geographical LocationLagos Local News

The Osun State Police Command has issued a stern warning against any attempt to disrupt peaceful protests within the state.

Speaking on Thursday in Osun State, spokesperson of the command, Yemisi Opalola, stated that intelligence at the disposal of the Osun State Police Command reveals that some persons hiding under the guise of increment in the price of commodities are planning to embark on protest in the state.

In light of this information, she emphasized the importance of prior notification for individuals or groups intending to organize protests, adding that written notification allows for the implementation of security measures to prevent criminals from exploiting the situation.

She noted that some criminal elements have perfected plans to hijack the protest and jeopardize the peace of the state.

To maintain law and order, the Command, through Opalola, urged potential protestors to notify them in writing, ensuring adequate security measures are in place to thwart any attempt by criminals to infiltrate the protests.

The police spokesperson further reassured residents that the Command had taken necessary security measures to prevent any potential disruption of peace and encouraged them to carry on with their lawful activities.

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