Operators Oppose FRSC's Reckless Driver Prosecution Plan

FRSC Operatives
FRSC Operativesgoogle

Taxi drivers have expressed concerns about the Federal Road Safety Corps' (FRSC) plan to prosecute drivers involved in reckless driving.

The FRSC has suggested imposing jail terms on drivers responsible for road accidents, seeking to empower state governments to impose hefty fines and jail time on drivers found culpable of contravening the law.

Segun Falade, the spokesperson for the National Union of Road Transport Workers, criticized the new policy for lacking clarity and sustainability.

He emphasized the need for a more comprehensive approach to road safety, focusing on education and proper training rather than punitive measures alone.

Danbaba David, a Bolt driver, voiced his concern that not all accidents are the drivers' fault, as the accident might be the fault of the other person involved or due to vehicle malfunctions.

Innocent Dashe, another taxi driver, suggested that the government address the issue of fake spare parts in the country to prevent such accidents.

Titus Zephaniah, a cab driver from Kabusa Motor Park also raised concerns about pedestrians who do not use designated pedestrian bridges and the risks posed by reckless motorcyclists, known as Okada drivers.

Chorrie Muta'a, the Federal Road Safety Sector Commander, explained that the new law aims to hold drivers accountable, especially commercial vehicle drivers, and that each case would be thoroughly investigated to determine the driver's responsibility.

He assured that the law would not take a blanket approach and that there is a difference between a crash and an accident.

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