One in Five Workers Experience Workplace Harassment — ILO

A recent report from the International Labour Organisation (ILO) has disclosed that over 20% of individuals in employment have encountered instances of violence and harassment.
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Titled 'Preventing and addressing violence and harassment in the world of work through occupational safety and health measures,' the report underscores the importance of utilizing Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) frameworks to tackle the fundamental causes of violence and harassment, fostering collective action for improved work environments.

The ILO asserts that OSH measures play a pivotal role in establishing an inclusive, integrated, and gender-responsive approach to prevent and eradicate violence and harassment in the world of work.

"This issue can affect all types of workplaces and can also occur during commutes, work-related trips, events, digital communications, social activities and in home-based offices," the report notes.

It explains that OSH frameworks effectively address the root causes of violence and harassment by confronting underlying risks such as inadequate work organization, factors related to specific tasks, and working conditions that result in high-stress levels, subsequently leading to instances of violence and harassment.

OSH frameworks is rooted in workplace cooperation and social dialogue which mobilize both employers and workers to establish work environments free from violence and harassment, according to the organization.

Among the 25 countries examined, approximately two-thirds of all legal provisions pertaining to workplace violence and harassment were incorporated into OSH legislation and regulations, the study reveals.

The report further outlines that OSH policies are more comprehensive in delineating preventive strategies and specifying the responsibilities of employers and workers, in comparison to other regulatory approaches.

According to the findings, practical tools, training programs, and guidelines tailored for enterprises and workplaces can facilitate the implementation of violence and harassment policies.

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