Ogun Pregnant Woman Found in Kwara After Faking Abduction

Ogun State Police PRO, Omolola Odutola
Ogun State Police PRO, Omolola Odutola google

The Ogun State Police Command has revealed that a pregnant woman, Rahemat Lateef, who claimed to have been abducted while on her way to the State General Hospital in Ijaiye, Abeokuta for child delivery, fabricated the kidnapping story.

According to the Police Public Relations Officer, SP Omolola Odutola, Rahemat had suffered another miscarriage and faked her own abduction to avoid confronting her husband. The woman, frustrated by repeated pregnancy losses, had orchestrated the kidnapping scenario out of fear of her husband's reaction.

Odutola stated that Rahemat was never actually abducted but had planned her journey to Kwara State to escape her husband's wrath. The Anti-Kidnapping Unit had begun tracking her until she reappeared in Abeokuta with her father.

Rahemat's husband, Ogunbunmi Lateef, had reported receiving a WhatsApp message notifying him of his wife's abduction by unknown persons. However, the police investigation revealed that the alleged kidnapping was a fabrication by Rahemat herself.

Odutola confirmed that Rahemat is now under medical attention and is safe. The incident highlights the emotional challenges faced by couples dealing with recurrent pregnancy losses and the importance of open communication and support in such situations.

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