NLC, TUC Shut Down Ikeja, Ibadan DisCos Over Tariff Hike


Workers have protested the Band A tariff hike by storming various offices of electricity distribution companies. With the Nigerian Labour Congress and the Trade Union Congress behind them, the workers flocked to the offices of the DisCos on Monday, preventing workers from resuming work for the day.

At the corporate headquarters of the Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company in Lagos, workers were spotted singing and calling for the reversal of the Band A tariff.

Protesters in Oyo stormed the Ibadan office of the Electricity Distribution Company, picketing the same.

Our correspondent reports that policemen were on site to prevent any disturbances to law and order.

The Nigerian Labour Congress and Trade Union Congress have given the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission a seven-day ultimatum to revert the revised tariff.

However, the Federal Government emphasized that reverting the tariff would have catastrophic effects on the power sector, and advised Nigerians to endure the temporary challenges.

To save the economy, the International Monetary Fund has recommended that the Federal Government remove electricity subsidies in other bands.

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