Nigeria, Angola Partner to Improve Electricity and Water Supply

Stressed the fundamental goal of enhancing citizens' lives through breakthroughs in water supply and hydropower generating.
Nigeria Electricity Distribution Station
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The Angolan and Nigerian Federal Governments have formally joined forces to improve electricity generation and water supply within the borders of their respective countries.

According to the News Agency Of Nigeria (NAN) on Wednesday, the joint endeavour was formalized during an important meeting in which the Angolan ambassador to Nigeria, Dr. Jose Bamoquina, paid a courtesy visit to Prof. Joseph Utsev, the minister of water resources and sanitation, and his state counterpart in Abuja.

Utsev emphasised at the conference the importance of this collaboration and the necessity for both countries to share technological know-how and information in critical areas.

He stressed the fundamental goal of enhancing citizens' lives through breakthroughs in water supply and hydropower generating.

Recognizing the importance of worldwide cooperation in attaining universal access to clean and safe water, Utsev accepted Bamoquinna's offer to visit Angola and build a stronger connection in a variety of mutually beneficial sectors.

The ambassador from Angola went into further detail about the purpose of his visit, highlighting the need for greater cooperation to use the mineral resources—water and energy, in particular—that both countries have in abundance.

He emphasized Angola's ability to supply power to other countries and discussed plans for expanding and efficiently utilizing six large dams with Nigeria's technical skills.

Bamoquina stated that the goal was to supply clean water and improve irrigated farming for the Angolan people.

Recall that Mohammed Idris, the Minister of Information and National Orientation, had declared that the Federal government intended to strengthen the current bilateral ties between Angola and Nigeria.

The minister says that Nigeria and Angola have important ties and that both nations belong to the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries and the Non-Aligned Movement.

“President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is eager to deepen the relationship between Nigeria and other African countries, including Angola.

“Nigeria is very keen to support Angola’s domestic and foreign aspirations and the country’s overall development, and we expect reciprocity in this regard. Indeed, the progress of one is the progress of all,” Idris said.

The minister continued by saying that both nations have an abundance of natural resources, particularly gas and oil, on which they rely heavily for income.

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