NBA Sues Culture Minister, Kenny Ogungbe over NYSC Certificates

Nigerian Bar Association Calls for Minister's Removal Over Alleged NYSC Act Violations

The Nigerian Bar Association Section on Public Interest and Development Law has called on the court to remove the Minister of Art, Culture and Creative Economy, Hannatu Musawa, from office, accusing her of violating the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Act.

Furthermore, the organization has urged the court to compel the NYSC to invalidate the certificates issued to both Musawa and music promoter Kenny Ogungbe, asserting that the issuance of the certificates was inconsistent with the provisions of the NYSC Act Cap N84.LFN 2024.

The plaintiffs in the case, identified as John Aikpokpo-Martins, Chairman of NBA-SPIDEL, and Funmi Adeogun, Secretary of NBA-SPIDEL, filed the suit with the reference FCH/ABJ/05/90/2024. The first to fourth defendants in the case are Hannatu Musawa, Kenny Ogungbe, NYSC, and the Federal Government of Nigeria, respectively.

The plaintiffs allege that mobilizing Musawa and Ogungbe for the mandatory one-year national youth service after surpassing the age of 30 was not only unlawful and illegal but also a violation of patriotism. They contend that Musawa and Ogungbe's claimed national service, along with the certificates of service issued by the NYSC, are null and void.

The plaintiffs are seeking a declaration that, “By virtue of the provisions of Sections 2(1), 12(1), and 13(1) of the National Youth Service Corps Act, Cap. N84 LFN 2004, the 1st and 2nd defendants are not entitled to be engaged as employees by any employer of labour or services (including the Federal Government of Nigeria) without first possessing and presenting their certificates of National Youth Service.

“A declaration that the 1st defendant is not entitled to continue to hold the exalted office of Honourable Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria or any public office in Nigeria after violently violating with flagrant impunity the provisions of Sections 2(1), 12(1), and 13(1) of the National Youth Service Corps Act, Cap. N84, LFN 2004.”

It was reported that the Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria had accused Musawa in August 2023 of serving as a minister while undertaking the one-year mandatory National Youth Service Corps scheme.

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