NAF Endorses Accident Insurance Coverage for Personnel

Air Marshal Hasan Abubakar, the Chief of the Air Staff, has given approval for the implementation of a Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy for all Nigerian Air Force personnel.
Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Hasan Abubakar
Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Hasan Abubakar google

Although the Ministry of Defence has a Group Life Assurance Policy for military personnel, Air Vice Marshal Edward Gabkwet, the Director of Public Relations and Information for the Nigerian Air Force, clarified that the existing policy only covers the families of personnel killed in action and does not address medical expenses resulting from accidents.

Gabkwet highlighted that the newly approved policy aligns with the Air Chief’s command philosophy, with the objective of sustaining a highly motivated force through improved welfare and infrastructure renewal.

Part of the statement read, “While several insurance policies administered by the Ministry of Defence and the NAF Investment Limited cover all NAF personnel, they do not, however, adequately address some hazards and challenges encountered in the course of the careers of personnel.

“The need to review and implement a specialised insurance scheme designed to address these hazards and unique challenges thus became imperative.”

He said Abubakar stated that under the GPAIP, personnel of the NAF would be incentivized to give their utmost best with the assurance of adequate care in the event of disability or death during military operations or any form of accident.

Gabkwet stated that the insurance company would provide compensation for bodily injuries, death, disablement, and payment of medical expenses

The statement added, “The execution of military operations exposes personnel to diverse levels of hazards with life-altering consequences of fatalities, hence, the need to continuously review existing policies to cater for personnel wellbeing.

“The contract with KBC Insurance Brokers Limited aims to provide compensation for bodily injuries, death, disablement, and payment of medical expenses solely and directly caused by accidentals, external, violent, and visible means to any of the insured personnel.

“Furthermore, the scheme will provide compensation to the families of personnel who accidentally lost their lives during operations as well as salary reimbursement of the injured personnel to the NAF in the event of hospitalisation.”

Gabkwet said the new policy would benefit families of personnel killed in action as well as cover medical bills in the case of accidents or permanent disabilities.

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