Motorists, Residents Lament as Fuel Scarcity hits Jalingo

Says they can't raise fares to match the crazy fuel prices.
Petrol station
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Jalingo residents woke up to a nightmare on Monday as the city experienced fuel scarcity. With many fuel stations closed, desperate motorists faced extreme high prices from roadside vendors, who charged a staggering ₦1,450 to ₦2,000 per litre—far exceeding the normal price.

The crisis affected daily life. Frustration mounted as the people struggled to make ends meet.

Albert Ulegha, a transporter, complained of the circumstances. 

He said, "We can't raise fares to match the crazy fuel prices.

"Our vehicles sit idle while black marketers rob us blind.

Also, another commercial driver, identified as Tersoo Adem, faced a similar plight. He had to offload passengers after realising the fare wouldn't cover the fuel cost to his destination. "I can't afford to operate at a loss," he stressed. 

Lagos Local News gathered that there were long queues at the filling stations with fuel, stretching for kilometres.

Due to the development, many residents have opted for different modes of transportation, such as tricycles, over the unavailability and high cost of petrol, while others have embarked on trekking to their destination within the city.

The fuel scarcity and price hikes have affected economic activities and posed significant challenges to the livelihoods of residents in Jalingo.

Despite claims by the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited that the logistic challenges causing fuel scarcity had been addressed, Nigerians across the country are still struggling to get petrol.

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