Mistaken IED Explodes in Borno State, Kills 6 Almajiris

An Improvised Explosive Device (IED) was triggered in the Gubio local government area of Borno State, leading to the tragic demise of six Quranic school pupils, commonly referred to as Almajirai.
Borno state Map
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This unfortunate incident transpired on the preceding day when a metal scavenger, without awareness, gathered and stored various metallic items in a building situated in close proximity to a Tsangaya school.

Regrettably, the scavenger was unaware that within the collected metal items was an abandoned undetonated IED.

At approximately 2pm, the explosive device detonated, resulting in the loss of lives of the children and causing severe bodily injuries.

Despite attempts to obtain confirmation from security agencies regarding the incident proving unsuccessful, reporters managed to speak with a security source who verified the tragic explosion and shared images of the grim scene.

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