Minimum Wage: Labour Confirms No Strike Tomorrow

Labour Suspends Strike, Awaits President's Decision on Minimum Wage
 Labour leaders Festus Osifo (second left) and Joe Ajaero (second right) at the 2024 Workers’ Day in Abuja
Labour leaders Festus Osifo (second left) and Joe Ajaero (second right) at the 2024 Workers’ Day in Abuja

The Organised Labour has announced that there will be no strike action tomorrow, Tuesday, following the conclusion of negotiations with the Federal Government over the minimum wage.

The suspension of the strike, which was initially set to end today, was extended to allow for further deliberations.

Speaking at the International Labour Conference in Geneva, Switzerland, Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) President Joe Ajaero explained that Labour is waiting for the decision of President Bola Tinubu on the proposed minimum wage.

The tripartite committee had submitted two figures to the President: N62,000 proposed by the government and employers, and N250,000 proposed by Labour.

Ajaero stated that Labour cannot declare a strike at this point as the figures are still with the President. Once the President's decision is made, the NLC's National Executive Council (NEC) will deliberate on the new figure.

The labour leader also addressed the claims by the 36 state governors that they cannot pay the N60,000 minimum wage proposed by the government.

Ajaero questioned how governors who do not contribute significantly to the national purse and have low Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) can afford to pay the same minimum wage as governors whose states generate substantial revenue.

Ajaero cited the example of Edo State Governor Godwin Obaseki, who pays a minimum wage of N70,000.

He emphasized that governors like Obaseki, who are able to pay higher wages, should be emulated rather than the "lazy" governors who are unable to contribute significantly to the national purse.

The labour leader expressed hope that President Tinubu will make the right decision on the minimum wage, noting that the difference between the proposed figures is significant.

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