New EFCC chairman, Ola Olukayode
New EFCC chairman, Ola Olukayodegoogle

Mega Thieves won’t be Spared in Anti-corruption Fight- EFCC

The Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Ola Olukoyede, emphasized during an Anti-Corruption Concert in Abuja aimed at raising awareness about internet crimes, that the agency under his leadership will maintain a strict stance against individuals engaged in economic and financial crimes.

To illustrate their commitment to fighting all forms of economic and financial crimes, not just internet fraud, Olukoyede emphasized that they will not spare anyone, including big-time offenders, and cited recent cases involving former governors.

He also warned young people about the serious consequences of engaging in internet-related offenses, stressing that such convictions could severely limit their future prospects, including eligibility for public office.

Olukoyede encouraged youths to prioritize hard work and integrity, emphasizing that success comes through diligence and honest labor. He urged everyone to join the fight against corruption and not rely solely on the EFCC.

Olukoyede emphasized in previous statements that if anyone flouts the law, regardless of status, they are not immune from investigation. He also called on local governments to develop effective strategies to combat corruption and improve governance at the grassroots level.

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