Many Feared Dead as Rival Bandit Groups Clash in Zamfara

Reports say the group fought for many hours during which scores of them were murdered.
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Many terrorists have been murdered as a result of a weighty fight between two rival groups around Hayin Alhaji to Munhaye forest of the Tsafe Local Government Area in Zamfara State.

A resident of the area known as Mohammed Sanda affirmed yesterday that the two bandit groups engaged in a supremacy fight on Saturday, where many lost their lives.

Sanda hinted that a group of bandits from neighboring Katsina State ambushed some communities in Zamfara State trying to abduct the residents, but the dominant and infamous bandits’ kingpin Ado Alero, who is an indigene of the area interceded and refused to allow the rival bandits group to abduct people from the villages.

Sanda also disclosed that the two rival groups engaged in a gun battle which resulted in the death of many bandits in the two groups. He emphasized that the residents of the area were presently trooping to the battleground to see the remains of the disarmed bandits.

Sanda noted that there were about 20 motorbikes abandoned by the bandits at the area where the fight took place.

In his words, “The groups fought for many hours during which scores of them were murdered and when we returned to the place early this morning, we saw many dead bodies and numerous motorcycles.”

“As I am talking to you, many people are trooping to this area to see the dead bodies and the abandoned motorcycles,” Sanda uttered

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