Lawmakers Criticize NLC, TUC for Spreading False Salary Claims

House of Representatives Criticizes Labour Unions for "Fake Earnings" Claims and Sabotage
House of Reps
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The House of Representatives has condemned the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and Trade Union Congress (TUC) for spreading misinformation about the earnings of lawmakers, which it describes as "fake earnings."

The House believes that this tactic is designed to stoke public resentment against the lawmakers and undermine the credibility of the legislature.

In a statement signed by its spokesperson, Akin Rotimi, the House acknowledged the recent industrial action undertaken by the NLC and TUC over the breakdown in negotiations for a new national minimum wage. The strike was suspended for one week to allow for further negotiation.

The House pledged to engage all stakeholders to resolve the issues in the best interest of Nigeria and also highlighted the importance of addressing key national priorities including the state of the economy and insecurity through legislative action.

However, the House expressed concern over the direction of the strike action before its suspension and what it portends for the future.

It also condemned the shutdown of critical infrastructure, such as the national grid and airports, during the joint unions' mandated strike, describing it as economic sabotage.

The House further criticized the leadership of Organised Labour for engaging in actions that exacerbate the suffering of ordinary citizens. It questioned whether the objective of the union leadership is to compel the government to implement a living wage or to inflict pain on Nigerians.

The House urged the union leadership to return to the negotiation table and engage other stakeholders in good faith to achieve a balanced and sustainable outcome. It also emphasized the need for all parties to engage in an honest and transparent dialogue rather than resorting to the spread of inaccuracies for political leverage.

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