Lagos Won’t Be Part Of Western Region— Indigenes

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In the event that a rumoured bill calling for Nigeria's return to the regional administration system is confirmed, the indigenous people of Lagos State have declared that they would never be a part of the Western Region or Province.

The indigenous people made this claim in a statement issued by Prince Adelani Adeniji-Adele, acting on behalf of the De Renaissance Patriots Foundation.

The statement was made in response to a bill currently being looked into by the House of Representatives that sought the National Assembly's consent to put Nigeria back into an outdated regional structure.

The organization stated that the people of Lagos State would not follow the Western Region, despite the National Assembly distancing itself from such a bill.

"A bill for an act to substitute the annexure to Decree 24 of 1999 with a new governance model for the Federal Republic of Nigeria" was the title of the alleged bill that went viral on social media.

The organisation claims that the alleged Bill was written by a person who is supposedly not a member of the federal legislature and who asked, "If Nigeria could return to the old national anthem, why should it not also return to the regional state system of government?"

However, the Renaissance Patriots Foundation, unconvinced by the denial, insisted on its position based on its leaders' experience with the character of South West people who are now finding it difficult to own up to their plans after they were exposed, and what they planned to do with the bill, for reasons best known to them, was revealed before the plan was hatched.

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