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Lagos Issues Warning to Fuel Stations over Traffic Congestion

The Lagos State Ministry of Transportation has issued a stern warning to petrol stations on Monday, cautioning them against contributing to traffic congestion while serving customers with fuel.

Mrs. Bolanle Ogunlola, Deputy Director of Public Affairs at the Lagos State Ministry of Transportation, conveyed this message in a statement released in Lagos.

"Amid the ongoing fuel scarcity, we urge fuel stations in the metropolis with available fuel to manage queues efficiently, ensuring they do not impede the smooth flow of traffic," she emphasized.

Expressing concern over the disruption caused by queues at fuel stations, Ogunlola highlighted the adverse impact on both individuals and businesses' economic activities.

"While advising fuel station operators to maintain orderliness and prevent their customers from obstructing traffic, the ministry sternly warns against facing penalties for non-compliance," she added.

Ogunlola assured that law enforcement agencies in the state are actively monitoring compliance and will enforce regulations accordingly.

She also mentioned the ministry's commitment to monitoring the traffic situation closely and urged the public to report any fuel stations causing disruptions via designated hotlines.

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