Kwara Evacuates 46 Beggars From Ilorin Streets

She assured the public of Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq's readiness to further support such initiatives.
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The Kwara State Government has seen to the removal of 46 beggars from specific locations in Ilorin, the state capital. 

Commissioner Opeyemi Afolashade explained that this move was part of the government's broader efforts to eliminate the social problem of roadside begging in key areas of the city. 

She expressed frustration with individuals who persist in begging as a lucrative daily activity, labeling it as counterproductive and undermining the government's commitment to improving the living conditions in the state.

During her address at one of the evacuation sites, the commissioner highlighted the detrimental effects of roadside begging on both the social fabric and the environment of the state. 

She pointed out the security risks posed by some beggars who exploit the guise of begging to engage in criminal activities within communities. 

Afolashade was disheartened to report the discovery of weapons and charms among some of the evacuated beggars, underscoring the seriousness of the situation.

Emphasizing the administration's focus on social upliftment, especially for the economically disadvantaged, Afolashade reiterated the government's dedication to implementing various interventions for the benefit of vulnerable groups. 

She assured the public of Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq's readiness to further support such initiatives.

The evacuation received praise from residents at different locations, who urged the government to continue its efforts to completely eradicate the problem. 

The operation commenced in the G.R.A. area and extended to various other spots frequented by street beggars, including Babatunde Idiagbon Flyover, Tanke, Offa Garage, Geri Alimi, Odota, and parts of Baba Ode-Dangote area.

Following the evacuation, the 46 beggars were taken to the ministry's facility for corrective measures and subsequent rehabilitation. 

Their children, meanwhile, were provided with immediate care and protection at the Children Reception Centre. 

The evacuation team comprised dedicated individuals, including the Director of Rehabilitation, Mr. Taiye Ikupolati, and other ministry staff members.

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