Suleiman Abdulrazak, Kogi State House of Assembly Majority Leader
Suleiman Abdulrazak, Kogi State House of Assembly Majority LeaderX

Kogi Lawmaker Denies Involvement in Shooting

Accuses hospital of negligence and lies.

The Kogi State House of Assembly Majority Leader, Suleiman Abdulrazak, has denied accusations of vandalizing the Federal Teaching Hospital (FTH) Lokoja and engaging in violence following the death of his father-in-law.

AbdulRazak’s statement comes in response to a press release issued by the FTH, which claimed the lawmaker led thugs’ who vandalized hospital property and brutalized staff on January 23rd.

The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) subsequently called for Abdulrazak’s arrest and prosecution, alleging that he led hoodlums in physically assaulting medical doctors and health workers at the hospital.

However, Abdulrazak, in a statement, admits visiting the hospital with two of his brothers and a colleague but refutes these claims of violence and vandalism, calling them “calculated attempts of a campaign of calumny” against him.

The lawmaker also stated that his father-in-law died due to alleged delays and negligence by hospital staff.

He said, his father-in-law was referred from Reference Hospital Okene to the Federal Teaching Hospital in Lokoja.

But upon arrival, he said the hospital staff removed the oxygen mask without proper improvisation and left him unattended for three hours before his demise.

“It is worthy of note that there were about two cases of death resulting from negligence by the staff of the management when we arrived. Hence, there were other aggrieved relatives of victims of the hospital’s negligence on ground,” Abdulrazak said.

“I headed towards the A&E department, the gate was fully padlocked in chains. I proceeded to a nearby office where two suspected Doctors were seated, I greeted, introduced myself, sorted audience with them and asked who was the Doctor in charge of the A&E ward.

“It took them a while to give a response to my greeting and then told me to go and meet the management, while ignoring my question. The rude, nonchalant and unprofessional attitude from them is not what anyone who just lost a loved one would love to experience.”

The Majority Leader said there was a chaotic scene upon his arrival at the hospital involving frustrated relatives, hospital staff, and unidentified men in plain clothes and claims one of these men, not him or his associates, fired shots within the hospital, prompting his colleague’s security detail to disarm him.

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