John Pope: AGN Suspends Film Productions Involving Riverine Areas

John Pope: AGN Suspends Film Productions Involving Riverine Areas

In response to the devastating boat accident resulting in the loss of Nollywood actor Junior Pope and three crew members, the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) has issued a circular dated April 11, 2024.

The circular, announced by AGN President Ejezie Rollas and shared on social media, outlines the immediate suspension of all film productions involving riverine areas and boat rides. Additionally, actors are prohibited from participating in any projects produced by Adanma Luke until further notice. Luke was the producer of the film "The Other Side of Life," in which Junior Pope was starring before his untimely death.

The AGN statement expressed condolences and announced a nationwide halt to filming on April 11, 2024, as a mark of respect. The film "The Other Side of Life" has been suspended indefinitely, along with any collaborations with Adanma Luke.

As investigations continue and efforts are made to recover the bodies of the remaining victims, the AGN extends its condolences to all affected parties.

The tragic incident occurred when Junior Pope and four crew members were traveling by boat away from the film set. Initially, there was confusion regarding Junior Pope's condition, with Rollas sharing conflicting information on social media before later deleting the post.

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