It is Difficult to Believe Mercenaries Killed Soldiers – Clark

Elder Edwin clark
Elder Edwin clarkvanguardngr

In a Tuesday interview on Arise Television, elder statesman and Ijaw Nation leader Edwin Clark expressed skepticism over the notion that mercenaries were behind the recent killings of soldiers in a Delta State community.

The elder stateman stressed the need to question the leaders of the various communities involved in the incident, stating that nobody should be treated as a sacred cow.

Describing the incident as shocking, barbaric, and wicked, Clark suggested that the military, in collaboration with the communities, should work together to apprehend the perpetrators of the murder.

He provided an example of a Lieutenant Colonel going to the community to meet his demise, highlighting the unexpected nature of ending up in Okuama.

He noted that people from outside must have waylaid them, and it should be investigated since nothing can be ruled out. In addition, the leaders of the various communities must be brought together to find out the true details from them, and nobody should be treated as a sacred cow.

“I may say this: I am an Ijaw man and I will be the last person to allow this type of matter to degenerate to a situation whereby we have intercommunal fracas or fight,” he said.

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