IBEDC Unveils New Meter Stock, Warns Against Unauthorized Payments


The Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) has announced the availability of a new stock of meters for customers through the Meter Asset Provider (MAP) Scheme. This move aims to enhance service delivery and address concerns over estimated billing.

IBEDC has unveiled a new platform at msms.ibedc.com designed under the MAP Scheme to ensure a seamless and secure metering experience for all customers. The company has also released new prices for single-phase and three-phase smart meters, including VAT.

Acting Managing Director of IBEDC, Francis Agoha, has encouraged customers to register for meters through the official platform and has warned against engaging with unauthorized agents claiming to represent the company.

Customers are advised to visit the official website for meter registration and payments and to obtain valid receipts when making cash payments.

IBEDC offers various secure payment options, including IBEDCpay, USSD, 24-hour Self-Service Kiosks, IRecharge, and Fets Wallet, to facilitate convenient customer transactions. Customers seeking further information or assistance are encouraged to contact IBEDC customer service at 07001239999 or visit www.ibedc.com.

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