FG Urges NLC, TUC to Reconsider Strike Actions

NLC President, Joe Ajaero
NLC President, Joe Ajaerogoogle

The Federal Government has issued a warning to the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and Trade Union Congress (TUC) regarding their proposed indefinite strike scheduled to begin today.

The government, through a statement from the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Prince Lateef Fagbemi, SAN, labeled the planned strike as premature, ineffectual, and illegal.

It emphasized that the ongoing negotiations for an increase in the minimum wage were still in progress and that the labor unions had not met the necessary conditions to justify a strike.

The Attorney General highlighted that the tripartite committee on determining a new national minimum wage had not concluded its discussions, and the National Industrial Court's order prohibiting the unions from striking was still in effect. The government urged the unions to reconsider their strike plans and return to the negotiation table for further discussions.

In a separate development, the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Finance, Senator Sani Musa, appealed to the NLC and TUC to suspend the planned strike.

Senator Musa emphasized the importance of continued negotiations and collaboration for the well-being of Nigerian workers and the country's prosperity. He urged both parties to prioritize dialogue and explore all avenues for reaching a mutually beneficial agreement.

The National Assembly also expressed its commitment to facilitating constructive dialogue between the government and organized labor to address the minimum wage issue.

The Senate and House of Representatives spokespersons emphasized the need for patience and cooperation from all stakeholders to find a resolution that serves the interests of all parties involved.

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