FCTA Starts Demolition of 500 Illegal Karmo Market Structures


The Department of Development Control, Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) has initiated the demolition of more than 500 unauthorized structures at the well-known Karmo market in Abuja.

During the exercise on Wednesday, Mr Mukhtar Galadima, the director of the department, elaborated that the demolition was carried out due to the expiration of the 24-hour demolition notices given to the traders.

On Monday, the department served 24-hour demolition notices to operators of the illegal markets and shanties marked for demolition along Karmo – Dei-Dei road corridor.

Mr Garba Jibril, an Assistant Director and the Sector Monitor in charge of Karmo and other districts, represented Galadima and stated that the demolition exercise was conducted following due process.

He stated that the operators of the illegal markets and owners of the illegal structures and shanties had been duly informed and provided with sufficient time to evacuate their belongings, and the demolition was necessary due to the significant traffic gridlock experienced along the road corridor, particularly on market days.

“To address the challenge, the Minister of FCT, Mr Nyesom Wike had directed that all illegal structures, shanties, and informal markets along the road corridor be demolished and removed as this will allow for free flow of traffic on the road corridor and make life easy for the road users,” he said.

He suggested that the impacted traders move to the fully constructed and equipped market in the vicinity.

To help the impacted traders, the market operators have agreed to allow them occupy a shop for one year at a subsidised rate, along with other incentives.

Dr Peter Olumuji, Secretary of the Command and Control Centre at the Department of Security Services in FCTA, highlighted that the clearance would also enhance security in the area.

The secretary stated that plans have been made with the Divisional Police Officer in the area to apprehend any trader operating along the road.

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