FCTA Initiates Upgrade of Airport Road Streetlights


The Federal Capital Territory Authority has initiated the upgrade of lighting on Airport Road, Abuja by installing intelligent Smart Light Emitting Diode lights to achieve the vision of a more developed FCT that will enhance the current infrastructural progress.

In a statement on Sunday, the Coordinator of Abuja Metropolitan Management Council, Felix Obuah, announced plans to migrate all major Abuja roads and streets to smart LED. Stating that the contract had already been awarded, he added that it would be taken bit-by-bit.

In a statement on Sunday, Mrs. Ronke Ozoh, the Executive Director of Tejaff Multi-Concept Limited, mentioned that Concrete Thinking Limited, the company overseeing the project, has recently begun the upgrade. She mentioned that thousands of units of Smart LED will be installed from the Airport Road area to the Central Area of the FCT to enhance its appearance as a smart city.

During her visit to the site last week, Ozoh highlighted that the utilization of LED lighting could potentially slash the operations and maintenance costs of streetlight infrastructure by up to 60%. She stated that a smart LED streetlight system is a key enabling technology for a Smart City, highlighting that the intelligent features of this streetlighting system enable remote management of streetlight assets and ensure improved efficiency.

In the same vein, Lennox Adigwe, a resident of Abuja urged the Minister of the FCT, Nyesom Wike, to extend it to other parts of the nation’s capital. He highlighted that in addition to enhancing the aesthetics of the FCT and promoting a better night economy, the provision of street lighting infrastructure would create job opportunities for thousands of people and guarantee the safety of residents' lives and property.

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