Enugu to Pay 2nd Batch of Compensation for New Transport Terminal

One beneficiary, Alhaji Isa Okeke, praised the government for keeping its promises. He said people were sceptical because of past failed promises.
Governor Peter Mbah of Enugu State
Governor Peter Mbah of Enugu StateFacebook

The Enugu State government has begun distributing the second round of compensation to property owners and tenants of the Nigeria Railway Corporation (NRC) who are affected by the upcoming construction of a modern transport terminal at Holy Ghost, Enugu. The Nigerian Railway Corporation has appreciated this move, as it owns the land.

Dr. Obi Ozor, the Commissioner for Transportation, explained the process for obtaining compensation. He stated that the compensation is for property owners who are original tenants of the Nigerian Railway Corporation. He directed them to submit their documents to the corporation, which will then forward the documents to the state for immediate payment of their compensation.

This is the second group to receive compensation, as the first batch has already been paid and satisfied.

Individuals collecting their payments today will need to fill out and sign an indemnity form, which will be signed by the state government and the NRC (landlord).

Additionally, there's a form to guarantee these individuals the "right of first refusal" after the project is completed. This means they will have the first chance to own a place there as promised by the governor.

Ozor also announced that the state has purchased 50 compressed natural gas (CNG) buses, each capable of holding 80 passengers, for their new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system. They plan to acquire 100 more buses soon. "CNG is 64% cheaper on fuel, and the buses have trackers and security personnel for passenger safety," Ozor said. "There will be at least 80 bus shelters where these buses will stop. We don't want passengers getting dropped off on the roads."

He also mentioned that the new terminals at Holy Ghost, Agbani, Abakpa, Garki, and Nsukka will include not only buses but also cinemas and other entertainment facilities.

Dr. Onyedikachi Onovo, an NRC representative, praised the smooth compensation process and urged those who haven't yet submitted their details to do so in order to receive their compensation.

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