Enugu to Collect Land Use Charges on Properties

Emphasised the importance of tax payments for government development plans.
Enugu State Internal Revenue Service  [X]
Enugu State Internal Revenue Service X

The Enugu State Internal Revenue Service has announced the enforcement of land use charge payments on all 800,000 properties they identified in the state, including ancestral homes in different communities. 

Mr. Ekene Nnamani, Chairman of the Service, who revealed this on Wednesday at a press briefing, affirmed that the enforcement would commence on June 1, 2024.

Nnamani says the aim is to reach their N20 billion target for land use charges in 2024, while stating that land and property taxes are a major source of income for the state government.

Additionally, he said the move aligns with Governor Peter Mbah's plan to boost internal revenue and transform the state. The government automated the Land Use Act charges using a Geographic Information System (GIS) to identify properties.

Nnamani disclosed that every property owner in both the metropolis and villages is mandated to pay land use charges to allow the government to carry out its developmental plans for the citizens.

It was gathered that the fees are dependent on the value of the land and where it is situated. It ranges from as low as N15,000 to N300,000.

The chairman of the Enugu State Internal Revenue Service affirmed that even owners of ancestral homes were supposed to pay land use charges, stressing that those in rural communities were also benefiting from the dividends of democracy, such as schools, healthcare services, and other social amenities. He urges residents to cooperate and avoid penalties.

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