Enugu Residents Laments as ECTDA Demolishes Illegal Buildings

It was learnt that most of them were uncompleted buildings and some were nearly completed.
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It was gathered from residents that some task force officials from the ECTDA stormed the estate on Friday and began a demolition exercise, which led to the destruction of several buildings.

Weeks before Sunday reporters gathered, the state government had issued a notice to the residents, stressing that most of the buildings in the area were without building permits and government approval.

However, in a shocking twist of events, residents in the area, who spoke to journalists, said they were shocked when the task force officials came with their bulldozers and began to demolish buildings.

A resident identified as Mr Chimezie Peter, who claimed to own a building in the estate, told newsmen that more than 100 buildings were demolished.

“Most of them were uncompleted buildings and some were nearly completed, but for painting and fitting. Everything happened so fast. They did not give us enough time to obtain what they were looking for. Since 2019 when I got this property, I have done all that needs to be done. I am shocked the government would do this to me after sinking millions of naira to this project,” he lamented.

Online, several homeowners, in short video clips, lamented the decision of the government to destroy their buildings, alleging that they have all the documents to back up their claims.

Also another victim, known as Amechi Ahamefula, said on Facebook that he was not in the state when the government came a few weeks ago to serve the estate residents a court paper, stating that their buildings would be demolished.

“When I got a call on Friday that the demolition was taking place, I ran from Anambra to Enugu to see that it was true. The government is not being truthful with its narrative about us not having any legal papers. The Centenary Estate itself was approved by the government and most of us took advantage of it and started buying properties there. The government is not being honest with us. They are pursuing investors,” he said.

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