Enugu Journalist, Dennis Agbo, Four Others Escape Death

Enugu Journalist, Dennis Agbo, Four Others Escape Death

Journalist Dennis Agbo from Enugu and four others reportedly escaped death on Sunday.

Agbo, a correspondent for the Enugu Vanguard, and four laborers who were mobilized to clear farmland, were allegedly attacked by armed youths from the Neke community in the Isi-Uzo Local Government Area of Enugu State.

Agbo had hired four laborers to clear a farmland at Ugwuokwunele Umuaram in Ikem within the same local government area, but upon arrival, he discovered that some people had constructed houses on the land. While attempting to identify the occupants of the houses, about ten boys, who had been summoned to the scene, assaulted them, beating them severely.

"They kidnapped us along with the two motorcycles we had used to travel there. They also took another person from Ikem to their village in Neke. Over 300 boys, armed with various weapons, including charms, were mobilized. They threatened to kill us. Eventually, they decided to release us, instructing us to inform our community that they were ready for war".

"Sunday Ekwu was the individual who negotiated our release. I was severely beaten, and one of our group is now hospitalized with significant eye damage. Our personal belongings, such as phones, wheelbarrows, and other valuables, were taken. We were held captive for over three hours, and I sustained numerous bruises on my head and body".

Agbo, who has reported the attack to the police, affirmed that the land is owned by his family, mentioning that his late uncle had resided there his entire life and was buried on the property.

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