Edo EDF Urges State Govt to Match their Words with Action

Laments over the effects of Petroleum subsidy removal on Edo Disability Forum.
Persons with Disabilities
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The Edo Disability Forum, EDF, has implored the Edo State government to back up their words with actions on promises made to them during their visit to the various ministries of government in the state.

The convener Edo Disability Forum (EDF), Melody Omosah, and the Executive Director, Network for the Advancement of People With Visible Disabilities (NAPVID) made the appeal while briefing newsmen on the outcome of their visits to state ministries.

He opined the association visited the ministries to inform them that since the removal of petroleum subsidy by the federal government, a lot have happened to them negatively. Stating that the supposed palliatives by the state government to reduce the effects of subsidy removal on the citizens, the EDF were sidelined vis-a-vis the free bus system of the state government.

Omosah hinted that such agitations launched their desire to have visited the ministries noting that they are happy with the promises made but the government has to step up its game by backing up their words with actions.

“As you are aware, on the 8th of February 2024, we assembled to address the severe impact oof petroleum subsidy removal on Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in Nigeria, particularly here in Edo State.

“We focused on the disproportionate burden this policy change has placed on our community, intensifying financial strain, social exclusion, and health challenges,” he reiterated. 

Omosah said, As we know, the removal of petroleum subsidy is not only responsible for this state of affairs, the “dollarisation” of our economy, brought about by the floating of the naira against the dollar, has further impoverished Nigerians with PWDs being worst impacted by these policies.

Plans taken thus far by the federal government to arrest the meltdown of the economy, have not yet yielded the desired result.

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