Economic Difficulty: Hunger Hit Edo IDP Camp

Reports say that he children at the camp barely eat a meal every day due to the current economic hardship facing the country.
IDP Camp
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Pastor Solomon Folorunsho, coordinator, Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs, camp in Ohogua, Ovia North East Local Government Area of Edo State, has condemned the economic difficulty faced by the inmates in the camp

While speaking with newsmen at the camp on the present economic reality as it affects their day-to-day living, he disclosed that they barely eat a meal daily due to the current economic difficulty, therefore, have resulted in a regular fast in the camp.

“It is very taxing I tell you. We have been fasting three times every week. This last week, we just did our three days of fasting.

“And this week, I just don’t want to push the children again.  It is really difficult.  A bag of rice, you don’t even need to state the cost price. A Jerrycan of oil, just name it, everything is really challenging.

The children are just being hopeful, praying for the government, praying for every sector of the society so that things can get better. It has been tough, Folorunsho emphasized.

Folorunsho noted that in spite of the present economic hardship facing the camp, the children still believed that the God who saw them through during COVID-19 pandemic, will still see them through these difficult times.

They have confidence that this same God will take them through these very circumstances that are indescribable”, Folorunsho asserted.

He asked Nigerians and the government at all levels to come to the rescue of those who are studying in various universities and those who are about gaining admissions into higher institutions, stating that any financial assistance would go a long way in attaining their academic goals.

He affirmed that when the students have finally graduated from their various institutions of learning, they will equally contribute their quota to the development of the society.

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