Ebonyi Varsity Don Denies Being Responsible for Student's Suicide

Says, it is quite unfortunate that the girl ended the way she did.
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Professor Amechi Enyi, from the Department of English at Ebonyi State University, has denied responsibility for the suicide of Favour Ugwuka, a final-year student.

Recall that the Lagos Local News reported earlier that Ugwuka took her life on Wednesday while her mother publicly blamed Professor Enyi for the death, asserting that he unfairly failed her daughter in a recent exam.

Prof. Enyi, responding to the suicide of the student on Friday, stated that the exam results were approved by the university before being uploaded for students to see. He said that the deceased mother called him, accusing him of targeting her daughter unfairly. He revealed that he tried to explain the process for contesting grades but was threatened.

Enyi added that the question paper for the last examination of the course (English Statistics) disclosed that the late student copied down three questions.

He noted this while interacting with journalists on Friday in Abakaliki, stating that it was inappropriate to adduce that Favour's death was related to academic activities.

However, a woman who identified herself as the mother of the late student was seen in a trending video blaming the lecturer for her daughter’s death.

Telling his side of the story, the university don said, I’m Prof. A. U. Enyi of the Department of English and Literary Studies, Ebonyi State University, EBSU. It is quite unfortunate that the girl ended the way she did. I was shocked when I heard the news.

He stressed that the university has a system for tackling exam problems. He affirmed that exam papers, answer sheets, questions, and marking schemes are all kept by the university and can be reviewed if a student disputes their grade. He criticised the threats he received and advised anyone with concerns to follow the proper channels.

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