Customs Initiates Process to Release Detained Vehicles

Customs Initiates Process to Release Detained Vehicles

The Federal Government, via the National Public Relations Officer of the Nigeria Customs Service, has declared a 90-day period for regularizing import duties on specific categories of vehicles.

The development took place amidst an increasing number of detained vehicles, with importers and firms finding it challenging to make import duties payments due to the ongoing foreign exchange crisis.

Abdullahi Maiwada, the National Public Relations Officer of the Nigeria Customs Service, mentioned that the latest development was a proactive measure to boost compliance and simplify import processes.

The NCS had stated in February that it planned to grant waivers to vehicle owners for paying duties within a specific time frame to avoid sanctions.

Maiwada further stated that the initiative only applies to vehicles imported into Nigeria where the necessary customs duty has not been paid or vehicles detained for under-valuation.

He continued, “Valuation and assessment of the vehicles would be carried out using the Vehicles Identification Number valuation method. Import duty and a 25 percent penalty shall be paid in tandem with the import guidelines, procedures, and documentation requirements for used vehicles under the Destination Inspection Scheme in Nigeria (2013) and the NCS Act 2023. Also, duty payments must be made using the procedure code specifically created for this exercise,”

Maiwada clarified that vehicles seized and condemned will not be released. Vehicle owners, importers, or agents looking to regularize import duties on their vehicles must apply to the service's zonal coordinators (Zones A, B, C, D) and Customs Area Controller of the Federal Capital Territory Command.

In line with the Federal Ministry of Finance directives, they must submit the necessary available documents and process V-reg for registering imported motor vehicles.

Maiwada highlighted that the initiative showcases the service's unwavering commitment to facilitating compliance. All stakeholders are encouraged to seize this opportunity within the stipulated timeframe.

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