CUPP Opposes Electricity Tariff Increase, Deems it Anti-People


The Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP) strongly opposes the recent hike in electricity tariffs, denouncing it as insensitive amidst the current hardships faced by the populace.

CUPP's General Secretary, Chief Peter Ameh, criticized the government's decision, labeling it as "one increase too many" and asserting that the government should prioritize the people's welfare over other interests.

Ameh expressed concerns that the 240 per cent increase in tariff for Band A consumers would escalate the cost of goods, potentially leading to the closure or relocation of local manufacturing facilities and worsening the challenges faced by small businesses.

He highlighted the adverse impacts of the hike on various sectors of the economy, emphasizing its detrimental effects on the already struggling populace.

Furthermore, Ameh warned that the introduction of Band A, despite covering only a fraction of consumers, could pave the way for further tariff hikes, ultimately burdening low-income earners and worsening the economic situation.

The coalition cautioned that the sudden and significant increase in tariffs could fuel inflationary pressures, ultimately passing on the tariff costs to consumers, thereby increasing their financial burdens.

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