Collapsed National Grid Restored Successfully

This is the sixth time the power grid is collapsing in 2024.

The national energy grid, which crashed in the early hours of Monday, has been entirely restored, according to the Transmission Company of Nigeria.

The TCN General Manager of Public Affairs, Ndidi Mbah, made this announcement in a statement released Monday afternoon. The grid had earlier collapsed, producing 64.7MW at about 3 am on Monday from 2,583.77MW at 2 am. This is the sixth time the power grid is collapsing in 2024.

On the other hand, Mbah claimed that a fire at the Afam power station was the reason behind the national grid's collapse.

Parts of the Port Harcourt Region were supplied by the Ibom Power plant, which was cut off from the grid during the incident. This reduced the system disturbance's impact even more. The impacted area of the grid has been entirely restored and stabilised.

She continued by saying that the company will keep funding measures to fortify the grid's infrastructure.

TCN reiterates its dedication to improving the national grid's resilience and dependability and promises to keep funding initiatives that fortify the grid's infrastructure.

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