Cable Vandal Electrocuted Inside FAAN Powerhouse At Lagos Airport


An unidentified man suspected to be a cable vandal has died inside the powerhouse of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) at the Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos.

Before being electrocuted by the cables, the vandal allegedly tried to steal electrical cables and other equipment from the FAAN powerhouse. The middle-aged man had made his way into the building generating electricity and had started disconnecting the installations that powered the Lagos Airport before he met his Waterloo.

Confirming the incident, FAAN's managing director, Olubunmi Kuku, stated that the agency was working hard to close every loophole that would allow unauthorised personnel to enter airports. Kuku, speaking at the commissioning of 30 Special Forces that will man the Lagos Airport, revealed that vandals have crossed airport perimeter fences and stolen airfield lighting equipment, or potentially harming some workers on site.

“I would say that there are two sides to this, that our environment is quite unique in the sense that we do have some security issues nationwide, we’ve been quite lucky within the airport environments that we haven’t had any of those major incidents. We do have, you know, individual issues" she said.

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