Boy Kills Uncle with Grandfather’s Gun in Bayelsa

A witness from the family revealed that the issue has been reported to the Police, says the family is in delimma because the boy is too young to serve jail term over his actions.
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A 15-year-old boy (name withheld) gunned down his uncle on Thursday morning in Ogbotobo community, Ekeremor Local Government Area of Bayelsa state while playing with his grandfather’s gun.

A witness who wished to be anonymous said the boy was fond of playing with his grandfather’s gun, recreating scenes in movies where an actor or actress with a gun orders people to not move, had pulled the trigger on his uncle unmindful that it was loaded.

The witness added that the grandfather, Mr Jamaica Konbofawei had on Wednesday loaded the gun around 3 am when he heard unusual movements from bush animals close to their fishing camp.

Meanwhile, his attempts did not yield any fruit as the animals escaped before he could kill any of them even when he tried to chase them.

The sources equally noted that Konbofawei forgot to remove the cartridge from the gun and kept it where he normally keeps the gun when he returns home.

Early Thursday morning, the teenager picked the gun and pointed it at his uncle, who cautioned him and dropped it while he was preparing food, but the boy while fiddling with the gun pointed at his uncle and pulled the trigger, killing him instantly.

This attracted many to the place where they found the boy crying over the body of his late uncle.

A witness from the family who revealed that the issue has been reported to the Police also noted that the family is in a dilemma because the boy in question is a teenager who cannot be allowed to go to prison for his actions.

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