Benue: Retired Officer, 15 Others Killed in Herdsmen Attack

The attack destroyed more than 50 houses, signaling a dark recurrence of the region's conflicts.

In a horrific wave of violence, suspected armed herders attacked Wandor, Mbaikyor town in Gwer East LGA, Benue State, killing 16 people, including a former military officer, and injuring two more. The attack destroyed more than 50 houses, signaling a dark recurrence of the region's conflicts.

The attack, occurring without warning around 7 p.m yesterday, saw approximately 40 attackers, armed with guns and cutlasses, overwhelm the community. A survivor, commenting on the condition of anonymity, described the chaos and the attempt to alert the authorities, which unfortunately arrived too late to avert severe damage and loss of lives.

Mrs. Comfort Agbo, the caretaker chairman of Gwer East LGA, and SP Catherine Anene, Police Public Relations Officer, confirmed the casualties and the ongoing investigation, stressing the community's urgent plea for peace and security in the face of repeated violence.

The Masev Development Association (MDA), a group that represents the local people, expressed deep concern over the community's recurring victimisation by bandits. The association's President General, Prof. Vearumun Tarhule, criticised the government's reaction to their pleas for safety and emphasised the crucial need for immediate assistance for the displaced and traumatised survivors.

This attack highlights a larger situation in Benue State, where more than 147 people have been killed in similar instances in the last two months, prompting calls for national action and help.

The terror attack is not new to the people of Wandor, Mbaikyor as previous assaults, notably the 2018 massacre at St. Ignatius Catholic Church, have left lasting wounds on the community. The reoccurring violence creates serious concerns about safety, relocation, and the sustainability of farming in the region, which is crucial to the community's existence. As local and national officials struggle to solve the crisis, Mbaikyor inhabitants are forced to consider their homeland's uncertain future.

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