Army Troops Rescue 383 From Sambisa 10 Years After Abduction

Army Troops Rescue 383 From Sambisa 10 Years After Abduction
Army Troops Rescue 383 From Sambisa 10 Years After AbductionThe Nation

The Nigerian Army successfully rescued 383 people who were abducted by terrorists and militants in Borno State's Sambisa Forest. Those rescued include women and children who had been held in the forest for 10 years.

Brig.-Gen. Abubakar Haruna, the acting General Officer Commanding (GOC) of the Nigerian Army's 7 Division, made an announcement yesterday during a visit to frontline soldiers on the borders of Sambisa Forest in Konduga Local Government Area, Borno state.

The GOC praised the army for getting rid of Boko Haram extremists from the dangerous forest. He also congratulated the forces for effectively eliminating insurgent strongholds in Lawanti, Ukuba, Farisu, Sabil Huda, Njimia, Garin Gulukos, Garin Falluja, Shababul Ummah, Garin Pannel Bitter, and Lagara Anguwan Gwai Gwai within the Sambisa Forest.

Haruna stated that forces from Operation Hadin Kai's Joint Task Force (JTF), particularly the Special Forces of 21 Armoured Brigade in Bama, the Civilian JTF, and the Hybrid Forces, had performed well and needed to maintain the tempo.

The GOC declared a 10-day operation to continue the attack on insurgents sheltering in the forest. He stated that the military operation, known as "Operation Desert Sanity III," is focused at eradicating terrorist remains from the forest. Haruna said the army expected more insurgents to surrender in the following days.

The GOC praised General Lagbaja for his support, which turned into victories for the men on the front lines. He also congratulated Maj.-Gen. Waidi Shuaibu, the Theatre Commander of the Northeast Operation Hadin Kai's Joint Task Force, for his strategic leadership and supervision.

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