Adeleke Dragged to Court Over illegal Appointment of Iree king

Despite ongoing court proceedings, the state government proceeded with the fresh selection, prompting legal challenges from aggrieved parties.
Governor Ademola Adeleke of Osun State
Governor Ademola Adeleke of Osun State Google photos

Ademola Adeleke, the Governor of Osun State, is facing legal action in an Ikirun High Court over allegations of constitutional disregard in the appointment of the new Aree of Iree, Prince Mukaila Oyelakin. 

Prince Ali Afolabi, a contestant to the Aree throne from the Olubonku Ruling House in Iree town, initiated the lawsuit, accusing Governor Adeleke of flouting the rule of law and bypassing due process in the recent selection.

In the filed suit, Afolabi contends that the appointment of Prince Oyelakin as the Aree of Iree and subsequent endorsement by Governor Adeleke, as recommended by the Iree Local Government Council, constitutes a violation of native laws and customs. 

He seeks the nullification of the selection process, labeling it as "a rape of the Constitution and complete fraud."

The lawsuit also targets the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, the Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs in the state, and Prince Oyelakin himself.

Afolabi argues that according to the Native Law and Custom of Iree Kingdom and Aree Chieftaincy, only the Kingmakers in Iree Kingdom have the authority to select a valid candidate for the Aree Chieftaincy. 

He asserts that the involvement of non-Kingmakers in the selection process violates established traditions.

Additionally, Afolabi asserts that the Olubonku ruling house is the only competent chieftaincy ruling house eligible to present candidates for the Aree Chieftaincy, emphasizing its historical lineage since 1866.

To address the alleged injustice, Afolabi seeks injunctions to restrain the defendants from accepting Prince Oyelakin's candidature and from acknowledging him as the elected Aree of Iree King.

The controversy surrounding the Aree throne began after Governor Adeleke terminated the appointment of a traditional ruler in Iree, accusing his predecessor of disregarding due process. 

Subsequently, Governor Adeleke issued a White Paper and ordered a fresh selection, contingent upon the withdrawal of pending legal matters related to the previous appointment.

Despite ongoing court proceedings, the state government proceeded with the fresh selection, prompting legal challenges from aggrieved parties.

Afolabi further alleges that Governor Adeleke violated statutory provisions by approving Prince Oyelakin's selection before the mandated 21-day period had elapsed, as stipulated by Section 20, subsection (2) of the Chief's Law (cap.25) Laws of Osun State, 2002.

In response, Afolabi asserts that Governor Adeleke's actions constitute a breach of the law and undermine the principles of justice, echoing accusations previously leveled against his predecessor.

To redress the perceived injustice and uphold constitutional principles, Afolabi has initiated legal proceedings to challenge the validity of the fresh selection, emphasizing the need for adherence to due process and respect for established norms.

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