Abuja will face a six-hour blackout on Saturday - TCN

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On Saturday, the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) announced that certain residents of the Federal Capital Territory would encounter a six-hour power outage.

In order to carry out a scheduled annual preventive maintenance on its 132kV line 1 at both Gwagwalada and Apo Transmission Substations, TCN said this was necessary for its maintenance crew.

According to the commission's spokesperson, Ndidi Mbah, the maintenance was scheduled to occur from 9am to 3pm and a total blackout was expected for six hours on Saturday.

The TCN Public Affairs General Manager had mentioned that the areas to be affected were Lokogoma, Kabusa Garden, TradeMore, Pyakasa, Aherita, Chika, Games Village, Stadium, Wuye, Utako, Life Camp, and Idu.

While assuring customers that the power supply would be restored shortly after the maintenance, Mbah apologized for the inconvenience that may occur as a result of the power outage.

He said power supply would be restored as soon as the maintenance work was completed as indicated.

Last December, it was reported that the TCN Gwagwalada-Kukwaba-Apo 132KV Transmission Line 1 in the Abuja axis was attacked by suspected vandals.

According to reports, the line vandalism allegedly happened during the night when the bulk power supply was disconnected. This prompted an investigation by TCN linesmen in the early morning, leading to the discovery of a vandalized portion of the line route between Tower 23 and Tower 25.

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